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Achieve your artistic goals and
make your project a reality

Photo taken by Michael Watier

Available for your musical and audio needs

I would like to help you achieve your artistic goals.

I am available for your musical and audio needs. Writing music is what I do best. I am a singer songwriter with 6 solo albums. My expertise includes recording, editing, mixing and producing. I have a creative approach that permits me to work in different styles. I have worked as a teacher for 20 years and this experience is an asset as a consultant and producer for your recording needs.

I offer 3 different services.

  1. Sync licensing and original music ready for to be used for all purposes : music for films, television, documentaries, video, art projects, galleries and public spaces.
  2. Basic audio recordings for your demos and projects.
  3. Guitar lessons, song writing workshops and music history seminars for private, semi-private and groups settings.

My quotes and pricing policy will take into account your budget and needs. I will do the best job I can to make your project a reality.

Our Services

Original Music

Sync licensing
Original music for film, television, documentary, video, art projects, websites.
Environmental music for public spaces.

Production, recording and Consulting

Song writing for bands and solo artists.
Basic audio recording services ideal for demos and amateur musicians.
Session Musician

Lessons and Workshops

Guitar lessons.
Song writing workshops.
Rock and pop music history.
Private and group lessons and classes.

Contact me today and let's work together!